Love – nothing insightful here

I am perpetually disappointed that my love life does not follow a scene from a romantic movie or novel.

I am single.  A single Mother.  A single Mother to four children, all boys as well.  I don’t work.  Can you tell I’m a catch yet?  Although, I do consider myself to be slightly witty, and I do have average intelligence (which is better than below average) with a bit of a creative side.  I’m also curvy – which apparently some men like.  Although I would describe it more as flabby to be honest.  “Embrace those curves!!” I hear you cry; well yes…that’s another blog post.  🙂

I’m on Tinder.  I’m on Match.  I’m on POF and OKCupid.  Lets just say you have to sift through alot of dirt in order to find the little gold nuggets.  I have not found anyone that I’ve really clicked with yet.  I’m also trying to meet men in real life.  That is harder than you’d think these days, being a single parent without ample babysitters on tap or plenty of breaks from my children.  In my twenties (which was the last time I was properly single) I went to bars and clubs and pubs and found it easy to get chatting.  I was always approached, I never had to do any work at all.

It’s very different now.  For a start – I am pickier.  Not only do I have to like the guy, my kids will have to like him at some point.  And I rarely go out (well aside from to the supermarket with all the old people and harassed Mums) so I never get approached.

So I’ve got to sift through all sorts with this online dating, starting with the Kid Fearing Men.  There are a lot out there.  There are different types – some can accept one kid, but as soon as you rack it up to three or more, they’re out.  I tend to get it out there quickly like ripping off a plaster.

Then you’ve got to eliminate the ones who want their own kids – not really an option for me – I don’t want to ever be pregnant again!  Narrowing my choices even more.

And then we have the single Dads.  usually a good sort – except that then you have the issue of potentially blending a family ending up with 5, 6, or 7 children.  That is a lot of children.  I’m not sure I could handle that.

So I’m really limited to a man who is in his thirties or early forties, who doesn’t want anymore children but possibly only has one of his own, who likes a lot of kids, who doesn’t mind a curvy lady, and who can deal with all the needy behaviour that comes from being in several failed relationships and previous mental health issues.

Well, its early days and I know I’m nowhere near the point of blended family life or even someone meeting my kids – i haven’t even been on a date yet.  But it’s all things to consider right from the outset in my opinion.  I don’t want to bother with having a fling or two – as nice as it would be I tend to fall rather quickly and it would be horribly upsetting to fall for someone who was just not going to fit for the long-term.

Are you out there, oh rare one? Do you have room in your life for all of the above? In exchange for a lot of love I might add.  🙂


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